I need anonymity!

I write a few blogs – but in many ways I can’t be ME, because my friends, family and my clients know about my blogs and some actually read them.  So sometimes I can’t say what I really feel.

Not to mention my oldest boy – Harry is 13 and is appalled when I write about him on my blog.  He has specifically told me not to write about him on there.  So I can’t say what is really going on with raising a 13 year old. But I think it is important to share.

So, I have started this new blog – and I am finally anonymous.

This is my family

Mom (Mara) – I am a Mormon Mom living in Somewhere Warm State. I am a convert to the church and have been a member over 20 years now.  (How did I get so old?)

Dad (Kyp)- I have a pretty great husband, with one main fault, which I am sure I will tell you about soon!  (Another reason I need anonymity.  Not that he reads my other blogs, as far as I know.)

our 3 boys.

Harry – just turned 13 and is smelly and has very hairy legs and feet bigger then his dads and a deep voice.  I thought I had a little more time before this happened!

Jax – is 10 and is still a little boy in many ways.  But wants to be big so badly. He is my sensitive one – so kind and wise in many ways.  He loves to sing and dance.  He can do a mean Micheal Jackson!

Luke is my babyLuke is 5 and is still pretty sweet and innocent.  Though the other day he did say, “You are a piece of poop!”  You have got to love when they express themselves like that.

I hope to share my real thoughts of marriage, parenting, being a member of the church in the suburbs and how I try to keep up with my life!

(So I got all our secret code names off of Wikipedia’s list of Star Wars Characters – sticking with my Lego and Light saber theme.  Harry, is actually for Harrison Ford – I thought it would be easy to remember with his hairy legs!)


3 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love the name of yours!

    We have legos and lightsabers at our house too. I think we still have a Darth Vader costume in the dress-up box. My living room is a constant scene of lego building. It’s non-stop!


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