Blogging about Teens

I saw this post on Only Sometimes Clever and she talks about how hard it is to blog about our teens.

They value privacy.  They don’t want us telling their story to the world.

But sometimes the story needs to be told!

My 13 year old is a great kid.

  • Smart
  • Hard Worker
  • Good Student

but a few weeks ago, I caught him on inappropriate websites.

Inappropriate Websites – UGGHH!

Photo# 926 - Darian Computer/Game Room (This is not my son, just a random picture I found on Flickr)

It was heartbreaking in so many ways.

  • I felt like I let him down, by not protecting him enough.
  • I felt pissed at the world for having gargage like that so available to anyone – kids included
  • I was mad at the kid at school who told him about the website with “cool” stories
  • I was mad at him for not turning it off right away.

So what did I do?

…. to be continued


One response to this post.

  1. It’s sad we have to protect our kids from that kind of trash in the first place. Even having parental controls won’t always keep “those” sites from popping up. It seems “those” sites find their way around parental controls. Al it takes is typing in one wrong word.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


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