Sometimes I HATE Legos

YES I do want to get rid of them, you know I want to!

However my boys love them.

I love to read organizing blogs, but it is hard to actually do what I read.

However when this weeks challenge was kids toys, I automatically thought of our Lego Table and how badly I wanted to declutter it!   I got this Hot Wheel Table (think Train Table) for $17 one year and it makes a great Lego table, when used appropriately.

Before - dumping ground of random things - and Legos

Mind you, these are just the Legos in Luke’s room, most are hand me downs from his brothers.  Not only does the top look like this, the drawers are just as bad, though mostly just Legos.

Sample of one of the drawers

So I took EVERY Lego out of the drawers and off the top.


I put non-built Legos on a giant sheet.  I learned this tip somewhere and already had quite a few in the sheet, in one of the drawers.  Easy way to

  • move them around (think giant Santa sack)
  • play
  • quick clean up too.

All the Legos in Luke's Room

I put all the non-Lego things into a pile that I then organized and threw away or put away.

The built Lego Sets either went on top or into a box in the drawer.

Actual Models that haven't been destroyed

I am also a little geeky and sorted the people and their tools/weapons into this cool organizer I had from Ikea.

I ended up having to divide the Legos into 2 sheets to have them fit back into the drawers.

I totally want to buy a Box4Blox to help me organize them better. I will add to my wish list.  Though I think my boys don’t care.  They are fine sifting through the giant pile.

It took about an hour, but I was happy with the finished project.

Ahhh, so beautiful.


13 responses to this post.

  1. Wow! You did a lot of work. Great job. I’m so glad we’re not into Legos around here. 😉


  2. nice work. it really turned out great!


  3. Legos, sigh…. I can’t seem to get rid of mine. (kids are in their 20’s) They cost so much and maybe i will be grandparent someday….. I just keep moving them. Your area looks great! Happy organizing!


  4. great job!! We have Legos, Legos, everywhere around here, too. It took us forever to organize them, but we finally did it! phew.


  5. Wow – I’ve never seen so many Legos in my whole life. I have three children, but all girls, so I’ve got things like Barbies, and kitchen stuff in great quantity – but oh my goodness, LEGOS!


  6. Posted by Sue B on 03/28/2011 at 10:22 pm

    Great job with the Lego organization…. My son’s room is a Lego dumping ground and I have tried numerous ways of keeping them organized. The next thing I think I’m going to try is a big plastic kiddie pool. (We’ve tried the individual bins, bins under the bed, stacking bins, cubby bins, etc) Currently they’re in about 3 different big bins & he sorts & digs through them. We have a Box4Blox – it’s a great investment – not to store (we have too many to use that) but to sort, it’s wonderful. Lego just came out with a huge sorting Lego head ( that is just like it, but more expensive. And I do believe lightsabermom is right – they DO reproduce in the dark!!


  7. I am going to use this idea. I have 2 boys (ages 6 and 9) They love to build Legos together and my 9 year old’s dresser top and floor has become Lego central. My 6 year old has a train table in his room that they hardly ever use. Thanks!


  8. Posted by allysgrandma on 03/31/2011 at 8:36 am

    it is beautiful….I have struggled with the reading instead of doing too, but for some reason this challenge is making me stick to it.


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