I was raised by agnostic parents.  They are very intelligent and think faith is for weak people.  So faith was not a part of their lives.

Inherent Faith

Somehow faith has always been a part of my life.  I remember reading a Bible when I was a kid and being curious.  I would attend all my friends churches and ask them tons of questions.  Usually they couldn’t answer them.   But I wanted to know more.  So I would study on my own.

Questions Answered

Imagine my joy when I met Karly when I was 15.  She was Mormon and I asked about her church and asked her tons of questions and she actually knew what she believed!  Everything she said, really resonated with me.  Then she told me I could go to Early Morning Seminary with her and learn more.  Who in their right mind would get up even earlier to learn about God?

Early Morning Seminary

Me!!!  I would!

I LOVED Seminary and would get mad at the kids talking through the Joseph Smith Film Strip (boy does that date me!)  I realize now, they had probably seen it at least 20 times in their short lives.  But for me it was amazing and so wonderful, that I wanted to LEARN more.

3 Year Wait

I took the discussions with my parents. I knew it was true and wanted to get baptized, but my parents said no.  So I went to Seminary and Church and waited.  I finally got baptized on my 18th birthday.

There is obviously a lot more to it than this, but there is a brief overview of my conversion.


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  1. Posted by Shelley on 04/06/2011 at 8:02 pm

    I feel your pain on this one. You are backing out of the parking lot after picking up the kids at school and it is clear to move and out of nowhere someone appears with their kids right behind you. What is up? Did you not see me moving? I just don’t get it either.


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