Dropping off Kids at School – or my own personal H%#$%

Celebration Elementary Auto Back up
There is something extremely painful for me about the drop off line at school.

People are Stupid

I have found myself hyperventilating the last few weeks as I have recommenced the trials of dropping off and picking up kids at school.  It amazes me the stupidity or is it just inconsideration of some of the other drivers?  If there is room in front of you, pull forward!!!!!

Pull Forward!

It is really that simple.

They changed the cross walk location of our school and now it is in the middle of the drop-off zone.

Who made that logical choice?  Again, people are stupid.

There is room for 3 cars in front of the cross walk and 3 cars behind it.  But it amazes me how drivers seem unaware of open space in front of them.  I live in Warm, ST where drivers are notorious for squeezing into tight spaces while driving 75 mph on the freeway, how is it possible driving 5 mph in a drop off zone, people can’t seem to be able to drive STRAIGHT ahead into a WIDE open space??????

If the crossing guard stops you and there is a space in front of you, think…

  • Do you have one child who is quick like the wind?  If so let them get out.
  • Do you drop off 2 or more kids who move slower than molasses?  Then lock the doors, signal them to wait and move forward once the crossing guard has moved.

This isn’t rocket science.

I do know there are some parents who understand the importance of moving forward.  I have a friend whose son told her as they were driving up to the drop off zone that he couldn’t get his shoe tied because there was a knot in the laces.  She was amazed he hadn’t mentioned this on the 10 minute drive to school. But being a courteous driver, she grabbed her sons shoe… urged him out of the car while she quickly untied the knot and threw the shoe out the window at her son and drove on.

YES this is a true story and it makes me very proud of my friend, who appreciates the importance of keeping the smooth flow of traffic and pulling FORWARD in the drop off zone.

So I have resorted to writing my story down.  I will submit it to the school; maybe they can put it in the next PTA bulletin.  Until then I will keep yelling with my windows rolled up, but I may try throwing a pancake at a stopped car tomorrow to see if it will help things to move forward in a more acceptable manner.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hear Hear! I’m right there sitting next to you! I HATE the days kiddo misses the bus


  2. Funny stuff! 🙂 we have similar problems here.

    how about the moms who block me IN with their cars? yep, there aren’t enough parking spaces (which is a real problem), so people will park behind other cars, go in to get their PRECIOUS BABIES…and then stand there in the parking lot, talking to another mom, while their car is blocking mine. I cannot tell you how mad I get at stuff like this!

    about 2x per year, the school sends out a notice “reminding” people about where to pull up, where to park, etc. People are good for about 2 days after it comes out, then they start acting up again!!! gaaaah!!!


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