Eagle Scout

Eagle Scout Badge
Harry has set a goal to become an Eagle Scout before he is 14.

I am lucky to have friends with older boys.  They told me to encourage him to do as much scouts as he wants before he gets into high school.  They don’t have the time after that.  So we started on Merit Badge Days when he was 11.  He moved along quickly and at 13 is ready to start on his Eagle Project.

He has read the packet, showed me the parents letter which says I can’t really help.  Now he is stuck, becuase he needs to call places to figure out where to do his Eagle Project.

He says to me, “Maybe I should make some prank calls.  Just to get used to calling people, before calling about my project.”

I suggested calling people we know to practice.

  • His Grandparents
  • Friends
  • Me

“That is STUPID Mom!!!”

Ahh yes, prank calling makes so much sense.  Was that suggested in the packet? Maybe I need to read that whole thing!

We’ll see if he makes it before 14. He is pretty motivated right now, so I think he can totally do it, if he makes a few prank calls to practice first.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m sure he can do it!


  2. It’s great that he has set that goal. I have an 11 year old girl that doesn’t seem to plan ahead too far.
    Just stopped by from the A-Z Challenge!


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