My First Fasting Experience

I guess officially it wasn’t my First Fast, but it was the first one where I felt it really worked.  Where I felt the Spirit so strongly guiding me that it sticks out.

I was scheduled to leave on my mission in April.  It was February.  I had a good job, but wanted to quit.  My parents (non-members) thought I was crazy.  Who would want to hire me for 6 weeks?  All I knew was I felt I should put my 2 week notice in.

I decide to fast.

I remember distinctly being at work and fasting.  I remember sitting in the break room and KNOWING that I should put my notice in and I WOULD find a 6 week nanny job.   I specifically was told what kind of job I would get.

So I did it that very day. Turned in my notice.

I found nothing that first week.  But the next Sunday a new family in the ward needed a nanny for 6 weeks, starting the next week.

I kid you not, the timing was PERFECT.  It was such a great experience for me.  So confirming that God hears our prayers and even when answers don’t make sense, you move forward with Faith!


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  1. This is a wonderful inspiring story.


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