Quickly – I like to do everything fast

I am very efficient (most of the time)

  • I like to get things done
  • I like to get them done quickly.
  • I like to make decisions
  • I like to make them fairly quickly too.

I think this is one reason I don’t like to cook.

It takes time and I am not efficient doing it.

"Going nowhere fast"

For example I take about 12 minutes to get ready in the morning.

  • 4 minute shower
  • 4 minute teeth and face
  • 4 minute getting dressed

Kyp takes about 40 minutes to get ready in the morning

I don’t even want to break it down for you, but imagine a 20-30 minutes shower in there.

Decreases the joy?

This desire to do everything quickly can take away some of the inherent joy of just doing things.  Especially because my DH doesn’t share this need.  He is more slow and meandering.  This can be frustrating to me.

Slow Down!

I try to slow down and enjoy the journey.  Actually I am totally enjoying the journey quickly, but to match Kyp, I sometimes have to slow down and still enjoy it.

The beauty of marriage – compromise.

But sometimes I just want to get there, just get it DONE!  So I can move onto the next thing and get that done quickly too.  Rinse and repeat, really fast.


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