Sleep – I wish I got more

I can imagine if this was Kyp’s blog, the title would read.

Sex, I wish I got more.

But since it is MY blog, you get to read about sleep.  Because of Kyp’s big problem I never get to sleep in.

I guess if I am deathly ill, he will get up with the kids, but since I have to wake up in order to wake him up to go help with the kids, that it doesn’t even benefit me.

I am a light sleeper, so if a kid wakes me up in the middle of the night, I sometimes struggle to fall back asleep.

Becuase Kyp is a night owl, I stay up until around 11 to be with him.  But that alarm goes off pretty early and I have to get up and get all the boys ready.  So sleep is a hot commodity, of which I do not get enough.

At least I don’t have any babies right now – those sleepless nights really got to me!


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