Violins, Trumpets, Guitars, Pianos and Tooters

instruments musicalsThese are the instruments my boys play.

Jax has a natural gift for music.

  • He does violin in school.
  • He taught himself the Clarinet.
  • He just started guitar.

He was in piano lessons, we took him out for a year.  Then on the same day Kyp and I had impressions (at different times, but same day) that he needed to be back in piano.  So he is.  Grumpy about it, but learning quickly and well.

Harry also has a good music sense

but it doesn’t come as easily as Jax (meaning he has to actually practice to improve).

  • He plays the trumpet and does well.
  • He was in piano, but when his younger brother was outpacing him, he didn’t like it anymore.
  • He is taking guitar with Jax

Luke – he has the tooter.

I am not sure why he calls it that, because it is actually a lap harp.  But he insists it is a tooter.  He wants to take piano, but I am not ready for that step.  With #3, it is all about take it slow, wait… because I know I need to let him treasure and enjoy this slow time of life.

He seems to have a good natural musical talent.  Loves to sing and dance.

We all sing.

Harry has a bass voice already.  Jax had this beautiful soprano voice, but now is more like an alto. I am an alto and Luke is just cute little boy sounding and Kyp just sings melody, but I would say would sing tenor if he was in choir.


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