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Primary Chorister

This is my calling.

Easiest Calling Ever!

NOT being Primary Chorister.  Relief Society Chorister was my easiest calling ever!

  • Pick out songs or teacher requests a song
  • Lead on Sunday
  • People pay attention and sing along.
  • Or more likely they ignore you but still sing along.
  • Pretty much no preparation and no stress
  • As I bonus I got to go to Relief Society, which I love.

Hardest Calling Ever?

I am now Primary Chorister.  Totally different animal.

  • LOTS of preparation.
  • People do NOT pay attention and I plan fun things!
  • Some boys don’t sing
  • Stressful
  • NO Relief Society or Sunday School

Great Resources

Seeing as I was never in Primary as a child, I don’t know a lot of songs.  So I really love these resources to help me plan fun activities.

I do mostly love this calling.

Though there are days I want to whack the 10 year old boys with a stick.  Maybe Lacrosse isn’t that bad of an idea after all?