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Testimony – I have one and I am so glad!

When I learned about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, it felt familiar, like I had heard it before.

It fit with my heart.

My testimony grew quickly and strongly.

My parents wouldn’t let me get baptized until I was 18, but I went to church and early morning seminary from 15 on.

I got baptized on my 18th birthday!


Genealogy, My Mom is Doing It!

Great-Grandmum and Grandad MacArthurMy mom is not a member, but she has the Spirit of Elijah.

She has been doing Genealogy since I was a little girl.  We are talking over 30 years!

It is so awesome, I love her enthusiasm.  She is always telling me stories about things she is learning about my ancestors.

She totally knows I am doing Temple Work for people she finds.

She is cool with that.

I imagine they are too!  🙂

She has found thousands of our ancestors.  I am talking over 2000 people.  She rocks!  I am so grateful for her enthusiasm.

My First Fasting Experience

I guess officially it wasn’t my First Fast, but it was the first one where I felt it really worked.  Where I felt the Spirit so strongly guiding me that it sticks out.

I was scheduled to leave on my mission in April.  It was February.  I had a good job, but wanted to quit.  My parents (non-members) thought I was crazy.  Who would want to hire me for 6 weeks?  All I knew was I felt I should put my 2 week notice in.

I decide to fast.

I remember distinctly being at work and fasting.  I remember sitting in the break room and KNOWING that I should put my notice in and I WOULD find a 6 week nanny job.   I specifically was told what kind of job I would get.

So I did it that very day. Turned in my notice.

I found nothing that first week.  But the next Sunday a new family in the ward needed a nanny for 6 weeks, starting the next week.

I kid you not, the timing was PERFECT.  It was such a great experience for me.  So confirming that God hears our prayers and even when answers don’t make sense, you move forward with Faith!


I was raised by agnostic parents.  They are very intelligent and think faith is for weak people.  So faith was not a part of their lives.

Inherent Faith

Somehow faith has always been a part of my life.  I remember reading a Bible when I was a kid and being curious.  I would attend all my friends churches and ask them tons of questions.  Usually they couldn’t answer them.   But I wanted to know more.  So I would study on my own.

Questions Answered

Imagine my joy when I met Karly when I was 15.  She was Mormon and I asked about her church and asked her tons of questions and she actually knew what she believed!  Everything she said, really resonated with me.  Then she told me I could go to Early Morning Seminary with her and learn more.  Who in their right mind would get up even earlier to learn about God?

Early Morning Seminary

Me!!!  I would!

I LOVED Seminary and would get mad at the kids talking through the Joseph Smith Film Strip (boy does that date me!)  I realize now, they had probably seen it at least 20 times in their short lives.  But for me it was amazing and so wonderful, that I wanted to LEARN more.

3 Year Wait

I took the discussions with my parents. I knew it was true and wanted to get baptized, but my parents said no.  So I went to Seminary and Church and waited.  I finally got baptized on my 18th birthday.

There is obviously a lot more to it than this, but there is a brief overview of my conversion.

I love this story of faith and healing

I love the blog Sit a Spell, this family is in Haiti serving the people there.

She shared a story of how her son had allergies to all but 4 foods and how he was healed.

It is a beautiful story of faith.