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Will We Ever be Weapon Free?

Nerf Gun FUN
Creative Commons License photo credit: Robby Mueller

With 3 boys you can imagine that weapons abound in our house.

We actually were weapon free, until Jax turned 5 and someone gave him 2 Nerf guns. I should have banned them, but I allowed them in and they have multiplied over the last 5 years.

Santa – via our cousins – gave all the boys (including DH) Nerf guns. I was getting really sick of all the weapons and so in the middle of February I decided we were starting a weapon free month!

Going Weapon Free

I gathered up all the toy guns and put them in a big box in the garage. Luke even voluntarily brought his light sabers and added them to the box.

I guess I should confess, Luke continues to make weapons out of

  • sticks
  • rocks
  • other toys
  • and food

So I guess we are not completely weapon free, just because I confiscated their Nerf Guns. But there are only natural weapons now, no toy weapons.  I like to pretend that is an improvement.


All was well. Peace reigned again in my house. No one seemed to care they were gone, until after about 2 weeks Luke asked,

“When are we going to be able to play with weapons again?”

I told him in a few more weeks. He accepted that easily. He was even telling his friends – we are weapon free.

Homemade Weapons

Then DH and Jax had the “great idea” of making a marshmallow gun. What a fun father-son project. They built one together and suddenly there was a weapon in our home again. Then of course Luke wanted one. DH had enough materials to make him one, so they built one on Saturday.

War has broken out again and marshmallows litter my floor.

I just wanted ONE month without weapons. One little month.


Legos and Lightsabers

Too Many!

I have way too many of these in my house.  Imagine how many more I would have if I had 6 boys instead of 3.  Twice as many!

8/365 - I've got a bad feeling about this

Moms of boys can relate


The Lego Company is ingenious.

The Lego Magazine – their brilliance = my boys downfall.

  • Lego creates new kits that kids want to buy
  • even though they have the exact same legos piled in their rooms.
  • They don’t want to build with those,
  • They want to buy a box with a picture and directions to build something
  • That will end up being random pieces piled in their room within days.
  • Rinse and Repeat.

A real racket.


  • They are weapons
  • Boys Love Weapons
  • Rinse and Repeat

Boys – I wanted Six

Six eggsSix Boys, that is what I wanted when I was growing up.

Was I crazy?

No, I think I was naive.

  • I didn’t realize how exhausting being a mom would be.
  • I didn’t realize how loud boys could be.
  • I didn’t realize how messy boys would be.
  • I didn’t realize how much food they ate.
  • I didn’t realize how stinky they are.

Luckily 3 is the new 6

at least where I live in Warm, ST.  Most of my Mormon friends have on average 3 kids.

We all agree it is plenty.  I do have some friends with more and I admire them.

I actually would like to join them, at least get to 4, which is the new 8.

But DH has his feet firmly in the 3 is plenty camp.  So unless there is some divine intervention, an OOPS, we will probably stay with the new 6.