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Y2K – Remember that?

My main memory was that Harry was developing an ear infection on New Years Eve Day.  I insisted we go to the ER, just in case the world shut down the next day and he needed antibiotics.  (He was just about to turn 2)

So I spent the day in the ER and he did have an ear infection and got his antibiotics.

The world did not shut down the next day.

What are your memories of 12/31/99?

KVM Switch - Y2K


Optometry and Cheap Glasses

My 2 oldest boys, Harry and Jax wear glasses.

They are both HARD on their glasses.Scratched 'anti-scratch coated' glasses

Harry tends to scratch his glasses pretty badly within a week of getting a new pair.  Not kidding, we got him a new pair in March.  The very first week he scratched them with a coat hanger.  Don’t ask.

Jax breaks the nose pieces off.  (4 pairs and counting)

$100 a pair

The first pairs of glasses I bought were from the Optometrist in our Ophthalmologists office.  At over $100 a pair.

$6.95 a pair

Then I discovered Zenni Optical (there are other similar sites online – take your pick) Where I can get glasses for about $7 a pair, which includes the prescription lenses.  Now, I do have to buy the photocromatic lenses for Jax, because he gets headaches from the sun, so that ups the price by about $20.  But let me tell you, when I am going through 2 or 3 glasses per kid per year, I would rather get cheap glasses.


Harry and Jax are both wanting contacts now.  I am making them work for them.  Proving they can have good hygiene for a month on their own.  I also am going to use it as motivation for Harry to “choose” to get braces.  I’ll let you know how that goes down.

“I” forgot Harry!

How could I do that with H?  I guess the Hummer post has been building up and it shot right out!



can be about how “I” forgot Harry!

I actually never did forget him

but as a child he had recurring dreams I left him places.  I promise I never did!

If I had written yesterday it would have been titled.

Harry is Hilarious

He has this dry sense of humor which makes us laugh.

Here is a funny from last Christmas time.

Harry was humming the tune to Walking in the winter wonderland.

He asked, “When they say expire, do they mean die?

I asked what in the world he was talking about.

So he sang, “Later on, we’ll expire as we sit by the fire.”

I fixed his mistake and let him know the correct word is, “conspire”

“Ahh, that makes more sense.”

Eagle Scout

Eagle Scout Badge
Harry has set a goal to become an Eagle Scout before he is 14.

I am lucky to have friends with older boys.  They told me to encourage him to do as much scouts as he wants before he gets into high school.  They don’t have the time after that.  So we started on Merit Badge Days when he was 11.  He moved along quickly and at 13 is ready to start on his Eagle Project.

He has read the packet, showed me the parents letter which says I can’t really help.  Now he is stuck, becuase he needs to call places to figure out where to do his Eagle Project.

He says to me, “Maybe I should make some prank calls.  Just to get used to calling people, before calling about my project.”

I suggested calling people we know to practice.

  • His Grandparents
  • Friends
  • Me

“That is STUPID Mom!!!”

Ahh yes, prank calling makes so much sense.  Was that suggested in the packet? Maybe I need to read that whole thing!

We’ll see if he makes it before 14. He is pretty motivated right now, so I think he can totally do it, if he makes a few prank calls to practice first.

Blogging about Teens

I saw this post on Only Sometimes Clever and she talks about how hard it is to blog about our teens.

They value privacy.  They don’t want us telling their story to the world.

But sometimes the story needs to be told!

My 13 year old is a great kid.

  • Smart
  • Hard Worker
  • Good Student

but a few weeks ago, I caught him on inappropriate websites.

Inappropriate Websites – UGGHH!

Photo# 926 - Darian Computer/Game Room (This is not my son, just a random picture I found on Flickr)

It was heartbreaking in so many ways.

  • I felt like I let him down, by not protecting him enough.
  • I felt pissed at the world for having gargage like that so available to anyone – kids included
  • I was mad at the kid at school who told him about the website with “cool” stories
  • I was mad at him for not turning it off right away.

So what did I do?

…. to be continued