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“Not” Again – I forgot Luke this time!

I was so excited to get to L – because Legos and Lightsabers fit perfectly.

However I once again forgot a child.  Not literally, but figuratively.  Thank goodness I remembered today for

N – not again!

If I had remembered L would have been

Luke Loves Legos and Lightsabers

Luke means business
Really loves them.  He is also lucky because he has so many Legos, and thanks to his big brothers.  He has plenty of Lightsabers too.  He also has lots of friends to play with.

Being in Kindergarten he has plenty of time for playdates and has about 5 a week.  The brothers are jealous of his freedom and playing opportunities.



Luke gets very offended if someone calls him cute or handsome.

I’m not CUTE, I’m AWESOME!

Ahh, to be 5 and so very sure you are wonderful.

BTW, he is pretty awesome.