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Organizing the Fridge!

I have confessed I don’t like to cook, so I will confess that means I often have food in my fridge I bought, meaning to cook with it, that has gone bad and clutters it up.

So when I saw the Project Simplify had a new challenge this week of cleaning up the fridge, I had to do it!   I also found this other Orgnanizing Site Organizing Junkie, that has a 52 week challenge and while I am late in starting in, I may try this too.

So killing 2 birds with one stone – here is my


Cluttered Freezer

I have a love/hate relationship with my fridge.  I love having water on the door, but hate having a side by side fridge/freezer.  The freezer is not intuitive to organize.  Also as a funny side note. I found 6 bags of frozen peas scattered throughout my freezer.

I took everything out and threw out quite a bit of it.  Then I organized like with like.

Last summer I made a condiment box, which I loved.  We eat outside a lot in the summer and grill.  So I put all the things we bring outside in a cute box, which the boys carry out.  Works great!

So I decided to make “lunch boxes” where I put the boys lunch supplies in one and my lunch supplies in the other. It has been working great this week!

Then I put the things back into the fridge!







Clean Freezer – I used the pizza boxes to make a shelf above the baskets and that helped a bit.  And I put all the peas together!

Now I know what I have and know what I need too.  🙂








My Big Problem – I hate to cook.

Old stove hoodIt is hard to raise 3 boys, who like to eat, when you don’t like to cook.

I never really learned to cook, so I am not very comfortable in the kitchen.  I am not good at it, it stresses me out.  So I avoid it.

I have to feed these boys, they are always hungry and that hunger seems to grow the older they get.

So what do I feed my boys?

  • Frozen things from Costco – like lasagna and orange chicken.
  • Canned foods – Spaghetti O’s, though Harry hates to eat things like this and Jax is starting not to like it either.
  • Sandwiches
  • Chicken Nuggets

Luke was saying the other day:

We can cook things in the toaster, the microwave and that thing under the microwave.

He doesn’t even know what an oven is!

Harry is always saying I don’t feed him enough.  He is always hungry.  Those 13 year olds ARE hungry.  He eats all day long.

Ugghh.  I really feel like this is the one way I suck as a mom.  (I have other things I am not great at, but I don’t suck at them.)

Any tips?  What do you feed your families?