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Got Too Many Stinky Shoes!

I wish we had a real entryway.  A real place to put all our shoes.

But instead we have a little area behind our couch which I created.

However you can see we are overflowing with shoes.  And I have boys so they are stinky!

Why is it so hard to put shoes INTO the organizer?

I decided maybe we just had too many shoes.  So I got them all out and was able to throw away 2 very old pairs that didn’t fit anyone any more.  I also put the church shoes in a different location.  Then I figured out the organizer has 5 columns with 3 rows.  So we each could have 3 pairs in the bottom and keep our daily shoes in the basket!

I told the boys the new organization strategy and honestly it has worked for a few days.

We can actually walk back here now.

Shoes in their spots and only key ones in the basket!


Organizing the Fridge!

I have confessed I don’t like to cook, so I will confess that means I often have food in my fridge I bought, meaning to cook with it, that has gone bad and clutters it up.

So when I saw the Project Simplify had a new challenge this week of cleaning up the fridge, I had to do it!   I also found this other Orgnanizing Site Organizing Junkie, that has a 52 week challenge and while I am late in starting in, I may try this too.

So killing 2 birds with one stone – here is my


Cluttered Freezer

I have a love/hate relationship with my fridge.  I love having water on the door, but hate having a side by side fridge/freezer.  The freezer is not intuitive to organize.  Also as a funny side note. I found 6 bags of frozen peas scattered throughout my freezer.

I took everything out and threw out quite a bit of it.  Then I organized like with like.

Last summer I made a condiment box, which I loved.  We eat outside a lot in the summer and grill.  So I put all the things we bring outside in a cute box, which the boys carry out.  Works great!

So I decided to make “lunch boxes” where I put the boys lunch supplies in one and my lunch supplies in the other. It has been working great this week!

Then I put the things back into the fridge!







Clean Freezer – I used the pizza boxes to make a shelf above the baskets and that helped a bit.  And I put all the peas together!

Now I know what I have and know what I need too.  🙂







Sometimes I HATE Legos

YES I do want to get rid of them, you know I want to!

However my boys love them.

I love to read organizing blogs, but it is hard to actually do what I read.

However when this weeks challenge was kids toys, I automatically thought of our Lego Table and how badly I wanted to declutter it!   I got this Hot Wheel Table (think Train Table) for $17 one year and it makes a great Lego table, when used appropriately.

Before - dumping ground of random things - and Legos

Mind you, these are just the Legos in Luke’s room, most are hand me downs from his brothers.  Not only does the top look like this, the drawers are just as bad, though mostly just Legos.

Sample of one of the drawers

So I took EVERY Lego out of the drawers and off the top.


I put non-built Legos on a giant sheet.  I learned this tip somewhere and already had quite a few in the sheet, in one of the drawers.  Easy way to

  • move them around (think giant Santa sack)
  • play
  • quick clean up too.

All the Legos in Luke's Room

I put all the non-Lego things into a pile that I then organized and threw away or put away.

The built Lego Sets either went on top or into a box in the drawer.

Actual Models that haven't been destroyed

I am also a little geeky and sorted the people and their tools/weapons into this cool organizer I had from Ikea.

I ended up having to divide the Legos into 2 sheets to have them fit back into the drawers.

I totally want to buy a Box4Blox to help me organize them better. I will add to my wish list.  Though I think my boys don’t care.  They are fine sifting through the giant pile.

It took about an hour, but I was happy with the finished project.

Ahhh, so beautiful.