Testimony – I have one and I am so glad!

When I learned about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, it felt familiar, like I had heard it before.

It fit with my heart.

My testimony grew quickly and strongly.

My parents wouldn’t let me get baptized until I was 18, but I went to church and early morning seminary from 15 on.

I got baptized on my 18th birthday!


Sleep – I wish I got more

I can imagine if this was Kyp’s blog, the title would read.

Sex, I wish I got more.

But since it is MY blog, you get to read about sleep.  Because of Kyp’s big problem I never get to sleep in.

I guess if I am deathly ill, he will get up with the kids, but since I have to wake up in order to wake him up to go help with the kids, that it doesn’t even benefit me.

I am a light sleeper, so if a kid wakes me up in the middle of the night, I sometimes struggle to fall back asleep.

Becuase Kyp is a night owl, I stay up until around 11 to be with him.  But that alarm goes off pretty early and I have to get up and get all the boys ready.  So sleep is a hot commodity, of which I do not get enough.

At least I don’t have any babies right now – those sleepless nights really got to me!

Reading – I love to read, but I do it quickly!

I do love to read.  I have since I was 4 years old.  I remember going to the library when I was that little and just browsing through the books and then reading all the ones I checked out.

I found my Popsicle sticks from first grade in my moms basement last summer.  I had written the name of each book I read on a Popsicle stick.

I had the most in the class, over 300.

Blogging Less = Reading More

I love to read, though if I blogged less, I would read more.

Part of my problem is this need to do things quickly.  So left to my own devices I would start and finish a book on the same day.  I read about 100 pages an hour, so I can do it in a day.

But this leaves little time to care for my family.  When I am reading, I don’t want to clean or cook or play games. So I try to slow down and take 2 or 3 days to read a book, so I can still be a good mom.

Kyp got me a Nook for our Anniversary

I am excited to try it, but don’t want to pay for books.  I am a big Library person, or PaperBack Swap Girl, so even though I have had it 2 weeks, I still don’t have any books on it.  Help me take the plunge.

What book should I buy?

Quickly – I like to do everything fast

I am very efficient (most of the time)

  • I like to get things done
  • I like to get them done quickly.
  • I like to make decisions
  • I like to make them fairly quickly too.

I think this is one reason I don’t like to cook.

It takes time and I am not efficient doing it.

"Going nowhere fast"

For example I take about 12 minutes to get ready in the morning.

  • 4 minute shower
  • 4 minute teeth and face
  • 4 minute getting dressed

Kyp takes about 40 minutes to get ready in the morning

I don’t even want to break it down for you, but imagine a 20-30 minutes shower in there.

Decreases the joy?

This desire to do everything quickly can take away some of the inherent joy of just doing things.  Especially because my DH doesn’t share this need.  He is more slow and meandering.  This can be frustrating to me.

Slow Down!

I try to slow down and enjoy the journey.  Actually I am totally enjoying the journey quickly, but to match Kyp, I sometimes have to slow down and still enjoy it.

The beauty of marriage – compromise.

But sometimes I just want to get there, just get it DONE!  So I can move onto the next thing and get that done quickly too.  Rinse and repeat, really fast.

Primary Chorister

This is my calling.

Easiest Calling Ever!

NOT being Primary Chorister.  Relief Society Chorister was my easiest calling ever!

  • Pick out songs or teacher requests a song
  • Lead on Sunday
  • People pay attention and sing along.
  • Or more likely they ignore you but still sing along.
  • Pretty much no preparation and no stress
  • As I bonus I got to go to Relief Society, which I love.

Hardest Calling Ever?

I am now Primary Chorister.  Totally different animal.

  • LOTS of preparation.
  • People do NOT pay attention and I plan fun things!
  • Some boys don’t sing
  • Stressful
  • NO Relief Society or Sunday School

Great Resources

Seeing as I was never in Primary as a child, I don’t know a lot of songs.  So I really love these resources to help me plan fun activities.

I do mostly love this calling.

Though there are days I want to whack the 10 year old boys with a stick.  Maybe Lacrosse isn’t that bad of an idea after all?

Optometry and Cheap Glasses

My 2 oldest boys, Harry and Jax wear glasses.

They are both HARD on their glasses.Scratched 'anti-scratch coated' glasses

Harry tends to scratch his glasses pretty badly within a week of getting a new pair.  Not kidding, we got him a new pair in March.  The very first week he scratched them with a coat hanger.  Don’t ask.

Jax breaks the nose pieces off.  (4 pairs and counting)

$100 a pair

The first pairs of glasses I bought were from the Optometrist in our Ophthalmologists office.  At over $100 a pair.

$6.95 a pair

Then I discovered Zenni Optical (there are other similar sites online – take your pick) Where I can get glasses for about $7 a pair, which includes the prescription lenses.  Now, I do have to buy the photocromatic lenses for Jax, because he gets headaches from the sun, so that ups the price by about $20.  But let me tell you, when I am going through 2 or 3 glasses per kid per year, I would rather get cheap glasses.


Harry and Jax are both wanting contacts now.  I am making them work for them.  Proving they can have good hygiene for a month on their own.  I also am going to use it as motivation for Harry to “choose” to get braces.  I’ll let you know how that goes down.

“Not” Again – I forgot Luke this time!

I was so excited to get to L – because Legos and Lightsabers fit perfectly.

However I once again forgot a child.  Not literally, but figuratively.  Thank goodness I remembered today for

N – not again!

If I had remembered L would have been

Luke Loves Legos and Lightsabers

Luke means business
Really loves them.  He is also lucky because he has so many Legos, and thanks to his big brothers.  He has plenty of Lightsabers too.  He also has lots of friends to play with.

Being in Kindergarten he has plenty of time for playdates and has about 5 a week.  The brothers are jealous of his freedom and playing opportunities.